Does happiness come through peace?

Photo Does happiness come through peace?

To promote happiness, people engage in different kinds of activities, like gambling, dancing, singing, and the like. However, as the peace advocate Prem Rawat said: "Happiness is your own treasure because it lies within you." In other words, each individual is responsible for their own happiness. What they need to have is peace within. Read and discover how happiness comes through peace.

Happiness comes in you if you are at peace with yourself

You are the first responsible for your happiness. There is nothing more satisfying than having mind tranquility and feeling calm. The best thing to do is then to find happiness in all your acts. For example, you can smile while you are doing your work. Be thankful to everything which happens in your life, whether they are positive or negative.

You will feel happy if you can accept your current situation

Learn to accept the situations in which you live. Be at peace with yourself and your surroundings. Stop blaming yourself or the others for past mistakes and errors. By forgiving yourself and the others, you will free your mind and heart from accusations and anger. In fact, self-blaming leads to depression and it will eventually harm your life.

Besides, keeping grudges against the others will do more harm to yourself. Once you forgive yourself and the others, you will feel relieved and can move ahead in life.

Happiness knocks on your door if you are at peace with your surroundings

If you are able to appreciate the values of people around you, you will normally be able to enjoy a serene life with them. Greet your neighbors, be friendly with them, smile at them, and help them if necessary. You will certainly feel happy if you are at peace with everyone around you.

However, your souls will feel sad if you are in conflict with your neighbors or family members, or workmates. Thus, there won't be any peace.

Happiness means knowing how to focus on your life goal

Each individual has their own specific characteristics and unique traits. Thus, they have different styles to lead their lives. To focus on your life goal, it is important to:

  • Avoid blindly basing your ambition on other people's dreams. Do not compel yourself to do what the others are doing. Otherwise, you will end up making a complete mess out of your life.
  • Write down your skills and focus on your own ambition. Write action plans to help you carry out your life goals.
  • Be happy with what you have and start working from scratches. You cannot start a big business overnight. However, with a clear goal in mind, you will eventually succeed step by step.

Happiness comes through peace if you help the others

You are not supposed to live alone on earth. In fact, God commanded people to love each other. Prem Rawat teaches people to take care of the others and avoid being greedy. He shares messages of peace all over the world and created the TPRF Foundation to carry out humanitarian actions and distribute humanitarian aid to the impoverished people and to war victims.

You can also contribute to charity work in your community, or volunteer through an organization or a foundation to help achieve global peace and promote happiness for the others. It is usually better to give to others. In fact, blessings will find their ways to your home if you share. In addition, you can put a smile on a sad face if you help the others, especially the needy people.