What are the most famous symbols of peace?

Photo What are the most famous symbols of peace?

Peace guarantees joy and happiness, and progress. The peace advocate Prem Rawat said that life without peace is empty. Peace is similar to nonviolence and serenity. What are the most famous symbols of peace? Read and find out how peace is represented.

Discover the most popular peace symbols

A branch of olive

An olive branch has been used since the ancient Greece to symbolize the end of a war and peace restoration. The Greek mythology described the clash between Athena, the goddess of wisdom and Poseidon, the god of the sea. They fought over who should rule their nation. Athena defeated Poseidon as she managed to provide what people mostly needed, which is an olive tree.

In fact, she launched her javelin into the earth, and then, an olive tree came out of it.

A dove

A dove is mentioned used as a symbol of peace. The story happened thousands of years ago, when God instructed Noah to create an arch to host his family and some animals and save them from the Great Flood on earth. When the torrential rain was over, Noah sent out a dove to see if the land was dry.

Yet, the first dove did not return. Then, a few days later, Noah sent out another dove, which returned to the arch with an olive leaf in its beak. Then, they could go out of the arch.

White poppy flowers

Quite often, white poppy flowers grow near the battlefields where the World War I took place, and also near graveyards in Europe. After the Great War ended, the Royal British Legion encouraged people to wear a red poppy on their clothes to remember the events.

Then, in the early 1930's, the Women's Cooperative Guild promoted the use of white poppy to remember the war and signal the end of the war. Since then, this kind of flower has represented peace.

The "V" sign

"V" is a short for victory. The sign involves making a V sign with your index and middle fingers. The sign was first used by Vietnamese protesters during the Vietnam War. This means the sign represents hope for victory.

The yang in the "yin-yang" circle

The yin-yang is a circle with two distinct colors: black and white. The first half of the circle is black. It represents darkness, sustenance, and life on Earth. The other half, which is white, represents lights, spiritual life and dominance. The white half symbolizes hope for peace that usually happens after a dark moment.

The four-leaf clover

The story about the four-leaf clover dated back to the time of Adam and Eve. After they were ousted from the Garden of Eden, Eve took a four-leaf clover with her. It is rare that we can find a clover with four leaves. Most of the time, clovers have three leaves. Thus, only when you are lucky enough will you be able to find a four-leaf clover.

Helping hand

Through his foundation which is named Prem Rawat (TPRF) Foundation, its founder uses other symbols for peace. One of them is a helping hand which represents support for those who are deprived of their rights and basic needs. He said, "Peace needs to be in everyone's life."

Thus, it is may be a good idea to use a peace symbol to constantly remind us of the necessity to participate in global peace promotion.